A few facts about me

My name is Tomasz Jadowski and I am a software developer with almost twenty years of experience. I have worked as a programmer in various languages, as a sysadmin and as a devops.

I have spent more than three years developing and maintaining a quite-large web application with millions of users from all over the world. You can find out more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Currently I am living in a small town and I’m working for a small software house company by choice. I use PHP (Symfony and Laravel) on a daily basis.

In my free time, I mostly read books or spend time outside. I don’t follow mainstream media.

I do not use computers or any digital device for fun or for to fulfillment my boredom. Why is that? Well, I have read a few books about how cyberspace and digital life can affect our brains, our health and our attention span; that's why I strongly limit my screen time.

My work requires deep thinking and the ability to focus for long periods of time, so I need to preserve these skills. I suggest that you do your own research on this topic.

I am not working on any serious side projects right now, but I have written two very small tools in BASH for my own purposes, and I use them often. You can find them on my code page. From time to time I start some pet projects for professional development.

I run a Polish translation of Leo Babauta’s blog, mnmlist.com.

If you have a work proposal for me, please keep in mind that I am not willing to relocate. I would prefer, either a fully remote job, or at least partly-remote job (in Poznan, Szczecin or Gdansk in Poland). I like my small town and the sleepy atmosphere here.

LinkedIn :: GitHub :: YouTube